The World is so Priti is a lifestyle blog that is constantly evolving, just like the world we live on. Carefully curated topics will offer you a glimpse into my world and what inspires and excites me.

Pritika Chand

© Karen Hong Photography


I first started blogging around 2009 and have been blogging sporadically since. My first foray into blogging was a personal blog by the apt title Profound Plastic, then followed Chow Down with Chand because of my passion for food (especially eating it) and more recently with a trip to Europe I then started The World is so Priti, a travel blog.

It was with my travel blog that I realized how much I truly enjoy writing/or blogging; it enlivens my soul. It wasn’t that I was on vacation, which in itself was very cathartic, but that I could easily spend a couple hours blogging about something that excites me and not realize how quickly time had passed.

Once I returned home from vacation, I decided I needed to make blogging more apart of my life and pursue it more seriously…hence the birth of my lifestyle blog, The World is so Priti. All my micro blogs have been specific to a certain topic, but none encompassed what my lifestyle blog would bring quite like my travel blog’s name.

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in what I have to share about my world and what I find to be so beautiful.