Confessions of a Traveling Shop-a-holic


This is for all the women (or anyone, really) reading today’s post and has succumbed to that extravagant purchase, while traveling.

On a trip to Paris, I had my Rebecca Bloomwood, girl in a green scarf moment. Except, it was a yellow scarf. A beautiful, yellow, vintage scarf.

We traveled to the largest flea/antique market in all of Europe, Porte de Clignancourt Les Puces and it was just under 18 acres! It was filled with everything from random knick-knacks, clothes, jewelry to quality antiques from as early as the 18th century.

We walked around for a couple of hours and just as I had lost hope of finding anything, we stumbled upon a gently used vintage clothing and accessories shop, Aux Trésors de Babeth. My eyes smized and feasted upon the case of vintage designer scarves.

I asked the shop owner, Babeth, to look at the yellow scarf.  Out comes a beautiful Cheval Fleuri design by Hermeś.  I tried on the scarf and am in awe.  After spending a few minutes mulling over the scarf, I became the new owner of a beautiful gently used Hermeś scarf.  This beautiful scarf adds to my already growing scarf collection from this trip.

To say I like scarves is a massive understatement.


Photography: © Pritika Chand

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