Monet, Monet, Monet…Monet!

As I write today, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with all the excitement that came with preparing for my first (but not last) trip to Europe almost a year ago.

Today’s travel throwback is to my FAVORITE part of my travels throughout Europe…Oscar-Claude Monet’s home.

Monet is my favorite artist of all time and to visit his home and see the birth of his most iconic paintings (the water lilies), was a treat of a lifetime.

A little bit about Giverny; Giverny is a quaint, postcard-esque town located over an hour outside of Paris. The streets are lined with cute tudor-style cottages. And of course, the cottages have potted plants hanging or sitting on the balcony and/or porch. If I ever decide to escape to a quiet get away without any distractions, Giverny may have to be it. I see why Monet decided to retire here for the last half of his life.

Monet’s home was more impressive than anything I could have ever imagined it to look like. The Versailles Foundation has done an impeccable job of restoring the home and studio to its original luster. The garden and water lilies are well maintained. As you walk throughout his home, you feel humbled by the simplicity, yet rich life he left behind. The love and warmth left behind by the Monet family is forever evident.

Monet’s art studio and the rest of his home proudly displayed all the original artwork Monet had left behind at the time of his death. The artwork, for the most part, was not behind glass and was simply kept away from the viewing public by a small rope stand (you can still get within touching distance…but you can’t touch it! Which is very difficult not to do…).

Sadly, but understandably so, we could not take any pictures inside the home. But the memories of being transported back in time to experience the beauty of his genius will be with me forever.


Photography: © Pritika Chand

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